Thursday, December 14, 2006

Second hand smoke kills

"usok, usok" as the song of Noel Cabangon goes "usok na nakamamatay".

I hate smokers. I hate inhaling second-hand smoke. It is unfair for those who doesn't smoke that the air is actually getting dirty and un-breathable when you are with people who smoke.

This is fact:

Second-hand smoke is actually more dangerous than directly inhaled smoke. It’s harmful even when you cannot see or smell it. Here’s why:

* Second-hand smoke releases the same 4,000 chemicals (50 are known to cause cancer) as smoke that is directly inhaled, but in even greater quantity. Second-hand smoke contains:
o 2 times more tar which gums up lungs and breathing passages
o 5 times more carbon monoxide, which reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood
* Cigarettes burn for approximately 12 minutes, but smokers usually only inhale for 30 seconds. As a result, cigarettes are spewing second-hand smoke into the air for non-smokers and smokers to breathe.
* Even after a cigarette is out, second-hand smoke remains in your surroundings such as furniture, carpets and toys and is still poisonous.
* Air purifiers, ventilation systems, designated smoking areas or open windows do not provide enough protection from second-hand smoke.

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